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Services Provided

As you know, TikTok is an up-and-coming platform with hundreds of millions of users. Because it is a new platform, there is an opportunity for many businesses to be seen. Time and time again, companies have used the platform not only to brand themselves - but to convert their followers into leads. As a consumer and content creator, I follow all the trends and know the platform inside and out. The platform is ever-growing and changing. You must have someone monitoring the platform at all times. That's what I am here for!


In my latest role as a Digital Content Creator for the Orlando Magic NBA Team, I worked with a team to create cohesive content with brands like Nike, Kia, and Disney. Most of these video ideas took place on Instagram and TikTok. Currently, I own my own company Brianna Jade Productions - in which I work to create content and focus on social strategy for businesses.


As a TikTok and Instagram specialist and longtime consumer of the platform's content, I am here to help your business succeed. I have helped various companies on Instagram and TikTok, such as business coaches, sports teams, and lifestyle influencers. I would love for the opportunity to show how I can be of value to your business or brand.

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