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Image by Muzammil Soorma


Here are some examples of projects I have worked on. If you have any more questions, please feel free to schedule a call with me and I can provide more details. 

Men's fashion brand

TikTok Strategist + Video Editor

Together, it was a trial to see how well his content from YouTube would transition over to TikTok. At the end of the three months, he grew to over 10k followers organically on TikTok.

I strategized, edited, and scheduled all of his videos. The overall goal was repurposing his already existing content to fit the style of TikTok. 

Click here to see his review. 

Men's makeup

TikTok Strategist + Video Editor

For this client, I served as a Video Editor and TikTok Strategist. The client already had a large following of 88k followers on TikTok, but was looking to grow their account more. 

For this client, I focused on predicting trending songs (before the sounds hit their peak). Using this strategy, a video had hit ~444k views and 41k likes. After four months working together, their TikTok account is currently around ~157k followers.

At-home allergy company

Content Creator

This client was looking to begin their TikTok account, but did not have a content creator to do so. Working together with a social media strategist, I create videos using funny or educational content to promote the product.

Financial Company

Content Creator + TikTok Strategist

This client was starting from scratch on their TikTok account. After only 1 month, a video has gone mini-viral, getting over ~27k views and ~1.4k likes. 

Continuing to perfect their strategy for this account. 

ify photo.PNG

online coaching

Social Media Consultant + Specialist

This online coach teaches others how to grow their online business. I consult with some of her clients and discuss how they can grow their social media presence for their businesses. 

aspiring astronaut

This project is an all-encompassing and exciting one. This client is an aspiring astronaut and came to me looking to share his incredible experiences online. I currently manage his TikTok, YouTube, IG, Twitter, Facebook, and blog content. I was also the project manager for this client and coordinated many other internal projects - such as the creation of YouTube videos and the web design.

Social Media Specialist + Project Manager

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kohei youtube.PNG

NBA Team

Produced promotional and highlight videos, resulting in them being shown in-arena and to social media presence of over 1M on Magic Instagram, over 2M on Magic Facebook, and on FOX Sports Florida Edit and managed content based on current and trending media across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube 

Created story-driven video narratives that incorporate brand integrations (i.e. Nike and Kia) with Magic branding.


Prepared in pre-production by location scouting and prop coordination, assisted during production with film equipment, and ingested and edited during post using Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects 

Digital Content Producer

Real estate company

This client was looking to have a promotional video for one TV campaign. I produced and edited this video for them.

Consultant + Marketing Director

News station

Role: Video Journalist

This was a fun mini-doc project I got to work on with a now special friend of mine. In this project, he discusses how surfing as impacted his life and spirituality.

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