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How to Choose Your Brand Colors for your Small Business

First Step to Picking Brand Colors

The first thing you're going to want to do is pick three adjectives. These three adjectives are how you want other people to see your brand image. For example, if you have a Latin seasoning, the three adjectives you choose to represent that business are cultural, fun and quirky.

Research your Brand Adjectives

Unsplash is a great platform and you can get pretty much any royalty free image you want. Once you picked your three adjectives, search those in either Pinterest, Unsplash or Google. Type each adjective to just to see what pops up. Do this for every adjective you picked.

Look at the colors that populates from each image. Look at the mood and some of the photos that come up.

You wanna make sure you pick a photo that you really like, that you just like the vibe, you like the colors, you like everything about the next step is to go to If you're more advanced and you have Adobe, Adobe has a great program.

Create a Mood Board for Your Brand

From each of the adjectives, create a mood board with all the images you liked from each of those adjectives. This will give you an overall vibe that you are going for.

Then pick your favorite images for each adjective. In total, this would be three images.

Pick your Colors

Some ways to pick your colors

Both of these are great options to picking your colors hex codes. I recommend putting your three images through these color pickers, and pick your one to two favorite colors from each of the three images. In total, there should be three to six colors. Make sure that they all go together too.

Then there should be a number that you see. This is called a Hex Code.

Put into Template

Now put the colors into this Canva template. From there. I copy the hex codes I picked and insert them into this template. Now you can always refer to this when creating your designs.

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