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How to Position Yourself as a UGC Creator for Success

Recently, I've noticed a surge in videos on how to become a UGC (User-Generated Content) creator. As someone who has been in this field for about two years, I wanted to join the trend and share my insights. The landscape has changed drastically over the past couple of years, with more individuals vying to break into the UGC space. In this blog post, I will discuss how to position yourself as a UGC creator to achieve success. I'm Brianna, a full-time freelancer and entrepreneur, and on this channel, I delve into business and social media topics. Let's dive into the details.

UGC creator filming with iphone
UGC creator

Choose a niche

To begin your journey as a UGC creator, it's crucial to select a niche. Consider your specific skills and qualifications that differentiate you from others. For instance, I know someone who transitioned from being a pharmacist to a UGC creator. This background turned out to be a significant advantage when working with pharmaceutical or medical companies. When picking your niche, focus on topics you genuinely enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Suppose you were a photographer excelling in product photography. In that case, you could create content and videos centered around products without necessarily showing your face.

Create engaging content

The most important aspect of becoming a UGC creator is to actually create content. If you haven't found clients yet, make your own videos. As an actress, we are often advised to create our own reels when gigs are scarce. Similarly, as a UGC creator, showcase your skills by featuring the products or topics you wish to attract clients for. For example, if skincare interests you, create four or five examples with your preferred skincare products. When presenting these videos on your website or platform, they don't have to be explicitly labeled as demos.

Build an impressive portfolio

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Crafting a compelling portfolio specific to UGC content is essential. Platforms like Wix or Squarespace offer user-friendly options for creating your portfolio. At this stage, it's recommended to handle the portfolio creation yourself rather than hiring someone. Ensure that visitors to your website can easily access the content you've created. As you start working with clients, incorporate the results of your videos into your portfolio. Highlighting the outcomes of your work adds credibility. Additionally, create a clear layout on your website that enables potential clients to reach out and book your services.

Outreach Strategies

While many UGC creators reach out to potential clients through TikTok and Instagram messages, there are other avenues worth exploring. Platforms like Upwork provide opportunities for clients to discover your work and approach you directly. Simultaneously, continue showcasing your content on TikTok, as brands might notice and reach out to collaborate. Keeping Upwork active as a potential source of clients is a good practice, although they charge a 10% fee. Remember to have a contract prepared and ready to go when securing projects. You can find a free UGC contract template attached below this post, but for more comprehensive and legally sound contracts, consult a lawyer or contract expert

Contract considerations

While UGC contracts often overlook some critical factors, it's important to protect yourself and your interests. Three key elements to address in your contract are media usage, perpetuity, and exclusivity. Define how the client intends to use your content and on which platforms. Understand the implications of granting perpetual rights to your image and likeness. Exclusivity clauses may restrict your ability to work with competing brands. Be mindful of these factors while negotiating contracts to ensure alignment with your personal and professional goals.

In conclusion...

Becoming a UGC creator is more possible than you think. If you follow some of these strategies, you will become one in no time!

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